Walking is sooo 2009.

The geek's #1 transport on-demand. Find a scooter nearby, tap the app to rent it, get places faster and in-style. Pay with card or crypto.

Buy Scooter Rent On-demand
Find A Nearby Scooter

When you open Bbali, use the map to identify nearby scooters or just find one on the street. Pay with Android/Apple Pay or crypto.

Or Get One Delivered

Get your scooter like you get an Uber. Just tap 'Deliver to me' in the app and a Bbali delivery person will get one to you.


Coast the city streets, park bike lanes, or really anywhere else you would like. Grass doesn't work that well, however.

Make pedestrians jealous,
but try not to run them over

Given your new power to move through traffic jams and speed passed those walking on sidewalks, it gets really easy to act like a jerk. But don't do that. People don't like jerks.

  • Fast for the city, slow on the highway

    Bbali scooters can reach top speeds of 30 kilometers-per-hour. With similar privileges as bikers, skip the traffic jam and get where you're going.

  • So easy that toddlers can drive

    Really, really smart, astute toddlers that are like baby geniuses. Otherwise, no toddler should ride. In some places it's against the law. In most places, it probably should be.

  • You can leave them anywhere when you're done

    However, if you care about humanity at all, it's probably best to park them out of the way, so they don't get knocked over. People will hate you for that.


Don't ride your Bbali scooter down stairs.
Bad things will happen.

Bbali shares no liability if you completely destroy your life while riding. Just because you can treat everyday surfaces as ramps does not mean you should do so. And while it's not illegal in most places to drive scooters while under the influence, we highly advise against doing so. Scooters can be as dangerous as they are totally awesome to use.

  • <1% chance really bad things will happen
  • 100% Chance not letting you know this up-front will be the end of this awesome service

How Bbali works?

Other than just having awesome technology that links scooters and your mobile phone? Bbali scooters are foldable, geo-locationally findable, and lightweight. While they navigate pretty well in the rain, rain-driving is frowned upon by both your mother and Bbali.

  • Install the app

    Available in the Apple Store and in the Google Play Store.

  • Sync Phone To A Scooter

    Walk up and scan a Bbali scooter's QR code to rent it, or request a delivery of a Bbali scooter to your current location.

  • Go On Your Way

    Brake with your left hand, accelerate with the right.

Our scooter store is opening soon!

Get notified and special discounts on launch. If you are interested, reach out to

Try Bbali for free!

For a limited time, get $5 in Bbali credits when you download the app. Share the app with a friend, to get more credits after their first rides.